"Razom" together with ukrainian brands.

We are Ukrainians. There is a war in our country now. We were attacked by Russia. The economy and business are going through the most difficult times in the history of independence. We know that all countries of the world are closely following events that humanity has not seen for a long time. In such conditions, we created the Razom ~ Ukrainian brands project.

Our main goal is to support the economy of our country,

support for businesses that cannot currently operate at full capacity,

in order to save jobs, not to let our factories stop completely.

Buying Ukrainian - you give work to several Ukrainians and the most necessary for their families. Buying Ukrainian - you make a significant contribution to the development and reconstruction of Ukraine. One purchased dress is a salvation for Ukrainian business, which we strive to rebuild after February 24, 2022.

Ukraine now is:
10 million Ukrainians have lost their homes
UAH 1.8 trillion in infrastructure losses
1,200 missiles were launched from the Russian Federation in residential areas
4431 houses were destroyed
128 children died
15 airports and 350 bridges were destroyed
5 journalists killed, 6 abducted, 15 threatened
2 strategic nuclear power plants are illegally occupied
0 houses survived in Mariupol
We believe in our victory and success because
razom we are stronger than any of us alone!