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Pendant "UNITED" with gem (17 mm)

Razom - Ukrainian Brands

Pendant "UNITED" with gem (17 mm)

$96 USD
"You have been disobedient since ancient times

And she defended her will relentlessly.

It finally happened - she got it

My Ukraine is victorious.

On the lands of your vast steppes

A hardworking and honest family lives,

He is worried about an ear of ripe bread

My golden Ukraine."

(with)We produce in gold (white, red, yellow) and silver. We can make it with or without enamel of various colors. Hand-made original author's design. Made in Ukraine. *The tint of the product in the photo may differ from the real one, it depends on the screen settings of your smartphone / laptop display


We are Ukrainians. There is a war in our country now. We were attacked by Russia. The economy and business are going through the most difficult times in the history of independence. We know that all countries of the world are closely following events that humanity has not seen for a long time. In such conditions, we created the Razom ~ Ukrainian brands project.

Our main goal is to support the economy of our country,

support for businesses that cannot currently operate at full capacity,

in order to save jobs, not to let our factories stop completely.


We will transfer part of each of your purchases to the fund's account to help children who have suffered as a result of russian aggression. They need us now.

Ukraine is under attack. Millions of children have become victims

Children shudder from explosions and shots. They wake up with the shrill sounds of sirens and fall asleep in the basements.
Kindergartens, maternity hospitals, shelters where families seek some safety are becoming targets.
Children need our common help.
213 children died
389 children were injured
2 million children went abroad with their parents